Bringing Home Loved One’s Ashes

I’m frequently asked many times about the requirements if a passenger would like to bring “Urn” with a loved one’s human remains.


Here are the Requirements of bringing human remains:

Filipino Citizens:

* Original Philippine Passport
* Green Card
* Original Death Certificate
*Original Notarized Crematory Certificate  from the Crematory
* Mortuary Certificate- stating that only  cremated human remains are in the Urn
* Printed Copy of the Itinerary
* Letter of Acceptance
For More information, check out the website of the Philippine Consulate about this matter.
You can see a lot of resources too from the website of Zuasola Funeral Home 

Urn for Traveling

Some airlines require that the Urns must be put in a box and use as a check in baggage and some airlines allow hand carry but on a special urn for traveling.

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