Transiting To Japan

One passenger wanted to take an All Nippon Airlines  with the 15 hours and 45 minutes in Haneda. The question is: Can I get out of the airport and roam around Haneda?

Americans ( US passport holders) are exempted from VISA upon entering Japan. The United States of America is part of Visa Exemption Arrangement with Japan but this arrangement is suspended for the time being,  as per their website:

Transit Visa or Short Term Visa is SUSPENDED.  With this information, the passengers who will have a very long layover in Haneda, Narita airports, CAN NOT leave the airport and take a short tour. When you leave the airport,  you will have to pass through the immigration and you will be denied to get inside because you have no visa.

Important Information for Passengers Connecting to Flights in Japan

The Japanese carriers sent a letter to travel partners like me as a travel agent reminding us  that most foreign nationals are still not allowed to enter Japan (as of May 18, 2022), and therefore cannot transfer airports between Haneda Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT).  Most foreign nationals are also not allowed to connect to flights out of Narita International Airport (NRT) if it requires an overnight stay, because Narita International Airport is not a 24-hour operation airport.
Here is the link to  make sure to check all entry restrictions of Japan before buying  tickets  customers:
JAL agency website: Japan Airlines Agency Website
Important Information for Passengers Connecting to Flights in Japan

Here is the website of Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare of Japan about Current Japanese Border Measures and Restrictions:

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