One Health Pass is Free

One Health Pass is requirement to ALL and EVERY Passenger traveling into the Philippines. Upon checking in on the airport counter, the airline staff will ask for the OHP Registration QR Code or Barcode.  
It is a form / system that the Department of Health and Bureau of Quarantine has put up during the pandemic to get information from passengers who are coming in our country  to avoid  or to minimize handing over papers.
This is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE by the government and this is FREE.


Please beware of many scammers going around online! 

There are websites that look the same but they will ask for a fee. They will ask for money and they will process it for you.  A fee of minimum $50-$75 will charge you. Don’t be fooled. You have all the information in your hands and all you have to do is to type in the answers to the items being asked. These information are: Flight Information, Health Information, Contact Information of your destination and other more Personal Information.
This is very user friendly and straightforward. 
Who:  All & each passenger 
When: 2 days before departure or as your Covid test result came back
Why:  Contact tracing & health declaration
How: Fill out online form @ 

Things you need to prepare:

Travel Documents
* Passport
* Ticket with flight information
Health Information
* Vaccination card date of vaccines and brand – you would need to upload your card vacc +. take a picture of your card
* PCR Test Result/Antigen
Contact Info
* Philippine mobile number of a family member
* Philippine Address. (no family – hotel/resorts)

Pointers when registering:

Click Register, then there will be a tutorial video. You must enter a valid email address. You will get a confirmation letter and QR Code and further instructions from the email they will send. Then you need contact information of a family member in the Philippines such as a cell phone and their home address.
Flight Information
You have to enter the flight number of the direct flight (Philippine Airlines JFK) but to all other flights with layover,  the flight coming from the layover country into Manila is the one you will have to enter.
for example:
QR 501 JFK-DOH – QR 807 DOH-CRK on Qatar Airlines you will enter the QR 807 DOH-CRK.
Type of Traveller
Choose on the drop down menu what applies to you.
Valid Boarding Pass
Printed or Screen Shot

Health Declaration Checklist

You can start to fill this form early & always be ready to answer questions such as but not limited to history of exposure, have you ever been sick and if you have symptoms, have you been in contact with someone who have fever for the past 48 hours & or have you been exposed to someone who have COVID-19.
It seems all of these are a daunting task. But just take time on filling up the forms & you should be good to go. The one health pass website form is easy to understand & easy to navigate. Take a deep breathe & know that this is all for your health & safety. Have a safe travel!

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